Fiverr is an online marketplace connecting businesses and individuals with talented freelancers. Launched in 2010, Fiverr is a great place for listing and applying for on-off jobs and small gigs.

With over 3.42 million users the Tel-Aviv based freelance marketplace is a platform for freelancers to earn money through their skills.They get the chance to work for market heavyweights, established companies,startups, and what not!!!

With hundreds of service categories, and services starting from as low as $5, businesses and individuals of all kinds can leverage Fiverr for exponential growth. It also allows the beginner freelancers to work for various clients.

How does it Work???

For Sellers:

The freelancers can start selling their services in some simple steps:

1.Create a seller profile (Create Your Profile)
  • Open the Fiverr website or the app and sign up with your email address.
  • Add the profile photos, and some personal information like name, address etc.
2.Create your freelancing gig (Create Your Gig)
  • The next step is to create your freelancing gig through the desktop. Just create a gig and use your skills to earn well.
3.Start Selling:

After you have created your gig, you simply need to start selling your service to potential clients. To start selling:(Sell)

  • Enable your seller account on the desktop
  • Open the app on mobile
  • Click on the account icon on the bottom right
  • Toggle the seller mode on/off as per your need

It is one of the best ways to attract more clients and attract more customers to your service. Adding a personal touch to the video helps in connecting well with them.

4.Offer your packages(Offer Packages)

You can divide your services into three different bundles on your gig page. These three packages include different charges for different services. The clients can choose the best package for them based upon the price and included services.

5.Monetize your gigs{Start Earning}

After you have completed the project, and the client has approved the work, you get your payment. A work done well here can get you multiple gigs well.

For Buyers:

Using Fiverr for taking any freelance services is super cool and easy for the users. It is a simple five step process.

1.Search for a Freelancer

You simply need to search for a particular service, and a whole database of freelancers offering those services is there.(Search)


Now, you just need to choose the freelancer you like. Be careful while going through the work samples and video overviews.(Hire)

3.Specify your needs

After selecting the freelancer, brief him completely about your needs, and be mindful of mentioning the little details you want in the project.(Specify the Details)

4.Place your order

Place an order, and relax while your chosen freelancer completes the work.(Place Order)

5.Boom, Just Get it done!!

You would get the completed project within the deadline.(Get it Done)

Services Offered:

Started from just 8 service categories, today it has over 500 service categories including trending stuff like:

  • Digital Marketing- Increase your reach, and traffic on your websites by opting for various digital marketing services.
  • Programming- You can opt for a coding or programming service to build your website, or an app for your business.
  • Video & Animation- Hire talented freelancers for Video ads,animations, and other similar stuff.
  • Music & Audio- Hire skilled people to create exceptional voice-overs and other music/audio needs for your business.
  • Graphic Designing- Designing websites, logos, banners etc can also be done on Fiverr

Graphic Designing- Designing websites, logos, banners etc can also be done on Fiverr

Fiverr is a Perfect Choice because….

  • It offers top-notch services among different verticals.
  • It offers affordable and unmatched prices.
  • The payment system is SSL protected.
  • The payments are completed only after you approve the work.
  • The customer support system is excellent.
  • The payments system is project based, so no fuss about those “hourly payments.”

Other Services:

Apart from being a freelance marketplace, Fiverr is expanding into other similar verticals as well. Some of them being:

Fiverr Business:

It is a dedicated solution packed with various tools and features, and is great for young startups, or even established companies. Fiverr’s business solution managers help dedicatedly to find the best and most suitable talent for your project. With clients like Lòréal and Unilever, there are no doubts that it is an impeccable platform for businesses.

Fiverr Logo Maker & Fiverr Studios:

This design vertical of Fiverr intends to help businesses with pre designed logos, and a one-stop solution for finding all the freelance talent a business may need.